Go Digital in the time of Coronavirus!

Mother earth is already shaking violently, trying to knock us, her pesky fleas out of her now a mangy coat. Fear is the new reality which sometimes comes with coughs and fever making people desperate to breathe some fresh air. The dystopian future of horror movies is here, and I am not talking about any […]

Pause, Scroll and Let It Go! 5 Ways to Spot Fake News!

Pause, Scroll and Let It Go! 5 Ways to Spot Fake News!

On a Wednesday morning,  I blankly stare at my WhatsApp screen. I see my inbox filled with all kinds of news where people are sharing their views on the new amendment bill passed by the government. Strangely, I see people voicing their opinions on the issues without knowing the actual circumstances. Recently, I saw a […]

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