Top 5 Ecommerce Website Designing Features Your Website Should Have

Top 5 Ecommerce Website Designing Features Your Website Should Have

When it comes to ecommerce website designing, you must always choose the right agency for guaranteed ROI. Any agency or freelancer might claim to provide you with a website, but only an expert ecommerce website designer like Socio Labs can meet all your requirements.

Let’s look at the attributes of an ideal ecommerce website and how Socio Labs can help you with your next ecommerce project.


Ecommerce websites are different from any other website you see in the world of the web. It aims to categorize the products in such a way that users can easily find the products they need, read about the product feature in detail, compare them and finally purchase them by making payment.

To serve all the mentioned purposes, an ecommerce website designing should be done by dedicated and specialist designers. They can ensure that the website remains fully functional, especially when it comes to searching, filtering and purchasing the product.


Once you have decided to create an ecommerce website for your business, you should make sure that the website designing includes the following features for a better user experience.

1. Shopping Cart: We cannot think of any ecommerce store without a shopping cart. In fact, it is an integral part of any website that aims at selling products. This cart allows the end customers to include their products so that they can proceed to checkout. If your website has a flexible cart, the registered users will be able to add the products seamlessly. You can also include a guest checkout method in your cart so that people can add products without signing up for the website.

2. Integration of Payment Gateways: An essential feature of a good ecommerce website is that it offers the customers several payment methods to make the purchase. The payment gateways should be integrated with your ecommerce store so that users do not face any trouble while making the payment. The more payment options you have on your website, users will find it more convenient. This feature is something that can have a significant impact on users. Therefore make sure your website has integration with maximum available payment methods.

3. Secured Database and Website Access: A good ecommerce website designing company will ensure that all safety measures have been taken for your website. Ecommerce websites are often involved in dealing with sensitive data like credit card and debit card information. There is also a high chance of phishing on such websites. For this reason, make sure that all pages of your ecommerce websites are secured by SSL. The designer should also use necessary measures to secure all sensitive data entered into the website. It is better not to save such data in any database. Also, all the transactions should be made through a secure payment gateway for maximum security.

4.Mobile Compatibility: Since a large part of the population who prefer doing online shopping are mobile users, your website should be totally compatible with mobile devices. The ecommerce website designing should be responsive, which means that someone accessing the website from a mobile device can view it without any difficulty. The website should also take less loading time on mobile devices. You can also design a separate application for your website for smartphone users.

5. Scalable Infrastructure: You cannot think of a properly functioning ecommerce website without a scalable infrastructure. Remember that the higher latency of the website will lead to poor user experience and loss of revenue. A scalable website is capable of dealing with increased traffic without causing delay to anyone. Also, the website should have scalability in terms of content management so that you can add more products effortlessly to our website.

Design customized ecommerce website


This is not only us claiming to be the best in ecommerce website design and development. Due to the following features, our clients consider us to be the most dependable when it comes to designing ecommerce websites.

1. Best Designs on Best Price: We never compromise on our quality design. But that does not mean that we are unaffordable. What makes us different from other companies is that we can offer based designs at the best price. You may find it surprising, but once you start collaborating with us, you will know it by yourself.

2. Full Compatibility: When we perform any ecommerce website designing, we keep in mind the compatibility your website should have with the devices. Users can access your ecommerce platform from desktop computer tablets or smartphones. The interface of these devices are totally different from one another, and a static website will not look good from all of them. That is why we always design websites that are adaptable regardless of device type, screen resolution, and web browser.

3. Global Outlook: We want to see you rule the world in your domain. For this reason, we always have a global perspective while designing an ecommerce website. You will see that we design every website in a way that can be scalable to a large extent to cater to the ever-growing needs of your customers.

4. Emphasize on Uniqueness: We consider each of our projects unique. Hence none of our websites will look similar to another project. We understand the uniqueness of each project and perform ecommerce website designing according to the domain it belongs to and the audience it wants to serve.

5. Visually Aesthetic: Socio Labs emphasizes on ecommerce website designs that are attractive visually. Considering the industry type and target audience, we design the websites using suitable colour palettes. If there is any particular requirement from our clients, we also consider that during designing.

Concluding Words

  1. A dedicated ecommerce website design is what you need to ensure customer satisfaction while doing an ecommerce business.
    So, what are you waiting for? Contact Socio Labs for the best ecommerce website designing in town. Call us on +91 96507 50546 or drop us an email at

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