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Before embarking on the efficacious journey of being an intern, one should understand the pivotal role a digital marketing internship can play in one’s career in prospects. Many times, we couldn’t conclude whether or not to do an Internship.

Once you have completed college and are out to secure a job, you realize that many big names you have under your employer’s list aren’t very keen on hiring freshers with no working experience directly to a job. Instead, you find yourself securing the position of an intern.

We have to stop looking at it skeptically, internships give you the hand-on experience of your work field and give you enough room to show your skills, abilities, and dedication to your employer.

The same holds for Digital Marketing as well. This ocean of digital marketing is so deep that before you take a full-fledged plunge, you should be aware of the challenges it might throw at you. And we now understand the gravity of applying for an Internship.

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Premiums of being a Digital marketing intern

First and foremost, an internship is the least expensive training program that you could apply to secure a dream job in the future. When many feel that they are ready to tackle the hitches, you get a reality check that there is so much more to learn.

A digital marketing intern gets the first-hand experience on complex matters like

  • Content Marketing,
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Website Development

Nevertheless, a digital marketing Intern is exposed to all the hooks and nooks of the field, and the cherry on the cake is that it lets you build a better professional network/contacts, which will prove beneficial as you move ahead. Go ahead and register yourself at one of the best Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi for an internship.

What responsibilities are laid on a Digital Marketing Intern?

The responsibilities of an intern can be classified into four main sections.

1. Being Creative: This could entail from coming up with catchy ad copies, emails, and drafting newsletters.

2. Writing: The intern should be able to churn out a decent number (around 2 to 4) articles every day and should be able to write SEO content. Blog writing is one of the important tasks to be done.

3. Campaign: Digital Marketing Interns can assist in formulating the SEM, SMM, email marketing campaigns.

4. Technical: the interns with a solid technical background are best to handle the development of landing pages and maintaining content management.

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Intern

Now that you are convinced about applying for an internship first, we can launch our attention into

How to apply for Digital Marketing Internship

First of all, you should know the stream you are interested in. Digital marketing is a humongous ocean, and you cannot do it all at once. So, choose your field of interest.

1.   Web Content: It is the responsibility of the digital marketing company to provide fresh content to their clients, and if this is what excites you, you can opt for Web content Writer/Designer.

2.   Social Media Management: From new brands to well-settled brands, they all crave for a strong social media presence. It is a tricky job that keeps you on your toes but is equally gratifying.

3.   Search Engine Optimization: this is the most talked-about topic whenever digital marketing is discussed. So, the importance is known to all digital marketers. Your millions of unoptimized pages can’t give you the same results of SERP that a few well-optimized pages can provide. Enroll yourself for SEO internships if this is what interests you.

4.   Web Analytics: If drawing analysis is your major, this is the field for you. The job profile of a Web analyst entails analyzing, maintenance, and web development costs.

5.   Search Engine Marketing: It is often confused with SEO. SEO is a part of SEM. It is a way of promoting websites to increase the visibility of websites on search pages.

Once you are sorted and know the field you want to explore on a professional front, the next question should be:

How to choose a Good Company for a Digital marketing internship? SocioLabs is the best Digital Marketing company in Delhi, apply for an Internship now.

If you have the talent and learning, any company would love to hire you as an intern. But, now out of so many proposals, how do you choose the best one for you? You have to do extensive research on a company and your work profile that they offer.

 Few questions that are essential to be answered by your employer are:

1.  Job description

2.  Will there be creative writing involved?

3.  What are the company’s campaign objectives?

4.  Work ethics

5.  How much creative work is included in a digital marketing internship?

6. Stipend

Now that we have sorted out the tricky part, it is time to

Build a Full proof Resume to apply as a Digital Marketing Intern

A resume is your official document that states your background, skills, and accomplishment. The company’s take resumes very seriously. It is your first impression on the company, so a well-crafted resume can make you stand out amongst many and has the potential to land you into your favorite company. Your resume as a Digital Marketing Intern should mention the following points:

  • Marketing expertise, if any
  • Ability to map out Social Media Marketing
  • skills required to design and drive marketing campaigns
  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Knowledge of PPC
  • Stronghold on written and spoken English
  • Familiarity with digital and social platforms

Check out some tailored resumes for reference. Well, the resume turned out quite impressive. It’s now time to target,

The Websites where you can apply for Digital marketing internships.

There are so many websites that list the various companies offering internships, register yourself on a few of them,


Finally, you have a Digital Marketing internship offer for your name. Few things to keep in mind for a successful and stress free Internship are:

  • Don’t worry about what you don’t know. Be ready to learn and test new skills.
  • You are not expected to know it all, so don’t shy away from asking questions.
  • You might have chosen a field of work as an intern for you, but it is equally important to keep your options open at all times. So stay open-minded and never hesitate to take new responsibilities.
  • You have to understand an internship is not a school. Try to keep yourself useful and pour in your inputs wherever needed. You are there to learn, but there are no teachers to teach you; all they can do is guide you. So be prepared and look out for any opportunity to cash in.
  • More than what skills you already have, it is vital to hone them and learn a few more on the way.

Now that you are well equipped with all the needed information come out with the guns blazing, and aim at the internship that your heart desires. Apply for Digital Marketing Internship at the best Digital Marketing Company in South Delhi.