Pause, Scroll and Let It Go! 5 Ways to Spot Fake News!

Pause, Scroll and Let It Go! 5 Ways to Spot Fake News!

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On a Wednesday morning,  I blankly stare at my WhatsApp screen. I see my inbox filled with all kinds of news where people are sharing their views on the new amendment bill passed by the government. Strangely, I see people voicing their opinions on the issues without knowing the actual circumstances. Recently, I saw a tweet where the guy is talking about CAB and also giving his suggestion on it.  See below, let me not comment on it.

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You see my point, don’t you hate it when you click a site to read earnestly, and then find it to be a fake one. It sucks! Right? Well, you need to learn how to spot the fake news and avoid getting influenced incorrectly.  (P.S: If You are here for the solution, jump straight to Bullet points below, cause buddy, I am glad you took the initiative to learn about the topic!)Because clearly, I can’t just tune in to my television for news to rescue me from this information paralysis, due to a fact that when this (referring to yours truly) citizen wants to know, few men are busy explaining their corporate renditions to what nation wants while shouting at guest and filling the tv screen with cringy captions and hashtags. ( Sorry our noob!).

Now, what does a millennial like me do? A small glimpse of our present scenario.

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No, this is not an anti- Government Post, this is primarily for rational beings who are still trying to comprehend the arguments of both sides or for the people who only want to spread love and not hatred online.
As a CEO of the best digital marketing company in Delhi. (Details are important while writing a blog, and so is my introduction!).Back in 2017, I was standing in the ATM queue with my friends. At that time, we were all aware of the WhatsApp videos talking about the new 2000 Rupee notes having GPS tracker chips, sounds like a plot of Black Mirror. Though we were never graced with such a state of the art technology, we did however got surprising well spread fake news about the same.

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Then, the misinformation might not have caused life-threatening or crisis like Infinity Wars, but it does reflect on the power of fake news.
Now, fast forward to today, we sink in a lot of fake news and news and the truth, very difficult to comprehend and reach logical conclusions.

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So, what do we do? (banging my head in the Iron throne of Game Of Thrones, like John Snow, I Don’t Know Anything!) To answer this soul cringing question, let me tell you instead of blocking everyone or engaging in fights, take a moment and take all the post through the checklist I am sharing below.

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There are several things to watch out for evaluating content online.

Take a closer look: Check the source of the story, do you recognize the website? Is it a credible/reliable source?

Look beyond the headline: Check the entire article, many fake news stories use sensationalist or shocking headlines to grab the attention of the readers. Often, the headlines of fake news stories are in all caps and use exclamation points.

Check other sources: Are other reputable news/media outlets reporting on the story? Are there any sources in the story? If so, check they are reliable or if they even exist?!

Check the facts: Fake news stories often contain incorrect dates or altered timelines. Make sure you do proper research before reading the news.

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Final thoughts

In the next few weeks, we are all going to be a pedestal to decide our nation’s future, let’s not the fake news get the best of us. Pause, when you get a random or sponsored article posts. Think and research on the online legitimate sources and accuracy of article and images. It’s time to think and connect. Social Media is a beautiful world; let’s keep it real, hit us with your views in the comment section.

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