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8 Best Apps For Working Remotely From Home

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In the wake of Corona-virus, workers are quickly adapting to the change around remote working and making proper schedules from their homes. However, remote working has its challenges, but it also has many positive sides, which increases the collaboration with the team members. Many companies have included remote working; here are some of the benefits that they are enjoying, which include:

1.      In other countries, wages and services are cheaper.

2.      In other countries, one can just opt for better talents.

3.      Business houses can eventually hit top skills.

4.      Having team members active 24/7 can basically make your business go higher.

5.      Procure cultural insights and other perspectives.

6.      It makes your business expand and offers connections in other markets too.

There are many possible opportunities , but I am sure you will land up somewhere with a brilliant idea. There are ample of possibilities that come your way to be a part of the team and manage a distributed team. However, in this blog, we would talk about the best remote tools for distributed teams to overcome the hurdles and go through the pros and cons.

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Here, we would talk about the best tools for distributed remote teams. For a better understanding, the team members would work in different locations and in different time zones. This can lead them to some unique challenges if we compare it with a remote team working in the same area and country:

  • Language barriers
  • Time zones
  • Cultural differences
  • Minimum wages
  • Technological issues like internet speed, access to the websites.

These are some of the unique challenges that one can face, apart from this there are some regular struggles which are acquainted with distance working:

The guidance and the suggestion that I am putting in this blog is only because one needs to come up with a sharp conclusion to the mundane issues of the team members. Without taking much time, here is the quick summary of the eight remote tools for a better collaboration of the distributed teams:-

1. Status hero: Accessibility to other other team members without any interruptions and time waste.

2. Toggl: An app where one can track the time of the employees and staff

3. Slack: Acts like a communication tool to bridge the gap between the employer and employee.

4. Monday: A project management tool mainly for the co-workers and individual teams to make it easy and faster.

5. Google Drive: It is a free file creation by sharing basic documents like spreadsheets, presentations, and other materials.

6. Envision: It is a design tool that helps the concepts transfer into reality faster.

7. Spark: A collaborative email experience that would keep the team focused and help them to complete the tasks more quickly.

8. Zoom: A proper video conferencing to hold meetings.

These best tools would help team members to set a target limit and increase their productivity. It also helps the members to be on the right track so that they can meet the deadline. So let’s dig further in each of these tools:

1. Status Hero:

This tool can work on Mac, Windows, and web apps. If you have ever managed, then you would know this for sure, that it is essential to understand the present scenario of the team members. Allowing team members to set conditions like,” unavailable, ” busy, ”available ” is very significant. Otherwise, team members can interrupt each other’s workflow, and that can lead to notifications popping up in inconvenient timings. This is fundamental and status hero turns this concept into a productive tool.

Key features :

1. Active statuses: Users can now set their availability for each member and manager to check.

2. Check-ins: Users can offer a description of what they are currently working on.

3. Time zones: Users can check the time zones of different team members to detect geographical locations.

4. Blockers: Anyone can quickly state the troubles which they are facing or getting in their way.

5. Several teams: You can divide the team into several groups and assign projects to the sides.

6. Mood tracking: This would help to understand the emotional state of the team members.

Status Hero can be best described as a tool that helps to increase the productivity of the working culture. When anyone can have access to other colleague’s work then there can be no interruptions and the team can work peacefully. Collaboration is a huge part of the ongoing job, so knocking aat the wrong bell might hamper productivity. Studies say that it can be very costly if the remote worker is interrupted with several messages and emails. The status hero makes sure that it acts as a productivity killer by keeping the teamwork peacefully.

2. Toggl

Toggl can be used in Mac, chrome, android, and firefox.

Toggl is a time tracking app which goes in the background while the user is working. It is designed in such a way that one can accurately track the time taken to complete the tasks. This app is mainly for freelancers to make sure that they fairly paid. This app is designed in such a way that it increases productivity.

Here are the main features of the app:

1. Time tracking: The amount of time taken to get the work done.

2. Boost profits: To check if the amount charged is accurate.

3. Reports: See how productive you are with Toggl reports.

You can also see how much time the team members are spending on individual tasks to monitor productivity. Toggl is a simple app that makes sure that the tasks are completed on time.

3. Slack

.Slack is used in Mac, Android, and web

Slack is the communication tool that brings the remote teams together. This app organizes conversation into channels where team members can join and leave if needed. It is designed in such a way that irreverent discussions don’t come; it’s the way.

Here are the key features of the app :

1. Instant messaging: This app is designed in a way that one can have live communication with every member of the team.

2. Statuses: It is set up in a way that users can check the availability statuses to focus on individual tasks.

3. File sharing: You can just drop and drag the files, images, and videos in a standard image.

4. Voice and video calls: Voice and video calls are possible within slack.

5. Screen sharing: The app allows the team members to share the screen with others.

Slack is one of those tools which is easy to use, and it has been there for 7 years.

6. MondayMonday can be used in iOS, Android, web apps.

Monday has the most advanced feature that helps to manage the task lists. It is designed in a way that one can achieve the tasks for team members.

Here are the key features :

1. Project Management: Monday helps larger teams and individuals to hit the targets.

2. Task management: Task management tools treat each task as building blocks to project goals.

3. Track progress: You can update the statuses and receive notifications when deadlines are looming.

4. File sharing: You can upload the files and share images with everyone.

Tasks can be created and assigned to the team members where the staff can use words like ” working on it”, ” stuck” and ” done”. Team members can assign tasks based on their work location, experience and the rating of the previous tasks can be completed.

5. Google Drive can be used in Mac, windows ios, and web.

Google drive works best for every person. It is easy to use, and has the most basic features.

Here are the key features:

1. Documents: The word documents, spreadsheets and also images are all store and that too for free.

2. Cloud storage: The cloud element is something that makes it more useful for the remote teams and helps to upload, share and collaborate.

The features look better and have far better capability than other collaboration tools.

6. Invision can also be used in Mac, Android and windows.

In this blog, I just wanted to stick to the tools, but then every business should give priority to the designs as well. Whether you are redesigning your website, building a mobile app, and developing your own software, and creating a website through PowerPoint effort.

Here are the key features:

1. Prototyping: It is designed in a way that the clients and the team members can also see what the final product would look like.

2. Messaging: The team members can now work on the projects and can offer ideas and feedback to others.

3. Design management: Team leaders can manage the projects and ongoing design processes.

This app should be used in every design work and it helps the designers and deserves a place in the list.

7. Spark :This tool works perfectly as a productive tool for users. It helps to prioritize the emails that matter and without filtering the ones that don’t.

Here are the key features :

1. Smart inbox: You can only receive messages that matter.

2. Smart notifications: Only receive notifications from people that matter.

3. Assign emails: To assign tasks to the right person so that the right person is managing tasks.

4. Send emails later: You can just schedule the emails for the later part.

5. Reminders: You can get reminders to follow-ups on essential emails at the right time.

You can snooze the replies for later and can also share the drafts and set reminders for follow-ups.

Zoom can be used in Mac, Ios, Android, and web.

Zoom is the best way one can communicate through virtual business conferences, webinars, and other corporate purposes. We usually zoom for our virtual meetings with which we can run video and voice calls.

Here are the key features :

1. Video meetings: Remote teams can opt for video meetings and one to one video calls.

2. Voice calls: You can also opt for one to one voice calls when video calls are not available.

3. Webinars: One can also host webinars through Zoom.

4. Messaging: Team members can send messages through Zoom.

5. File sharing: You can also share files during and outside voice chats for collaboration between members.

Zoom is one of the most excellent tools that are used are the pricing is also very reasonable.

Wrapping up:

Productivity tools are important, and one should choose the right one. In this blog, the tools serve different purposes and have their key features, which help to increase the productivity of the business. If you are looking for the best digital marketing company in Delhi, don’t go any further we are here to provide you with best services.

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