An open letter to my mother who forgot herself in the midway.

For years I have seen you hiding.
In fact you have perfected the art of hiding.
I realized how you hid the smallest and hard truths of life from us. Only cause you wanted everybody to believe that you had it together. You wanted us to believe that you had everything, a perfect marriage, two perfect kids. But, mostly you forgot yourself in the midway.

Mostly because you thought that in the journey of motherhood, you thought it is all about giving away every inch of you and not taking back a bit. And then you lost every inch of you in the cacophony of ”I can do this ”, ”it’s ok ” and a lot more. And deep down, you thought you were falling yet the world has failed to understand it. So, you thought sacrificing your wants, desires, and dreams would make you noble right? You taught us to fight for ourselves but I have never seen you fighting for yourself . Or catching that dream you ever wanted. I have heard all your childhood tales, and today when I look back I realize that I had been living your passion through years. My interests in books, sketching, and dancing classes were all just once your passion and dreams.
I am not in denial, you are the strongest and most powerful woman in the world. But, then motherhood is definitely not giving up your wants. I always wanted to hear that teenage laughter, the one where you would push yourself to all boundaries and share all your desire with me. I don’t want you to hide anymore. It is no longer a part of the motherhood stories it is also about your story.
I want you to read your favorite book, listen to your favorite song and put extra cream on your coffee because tonight I want you to know that you have done more than enough for us. And tonight, you need to know that the girl you embraced drop by drop, cell by cell in your uterus for 9 months has grown up wants you to realize your value soon.
Don’t hide your dreams behind the laundry, dishwasher, and dirty bedsheets. You are the hero of your life. And I promise to make all your dreams come true. Till then, I promise to return your calls and your good morning texts.