Check out these 7 crazy advertisements of popular brands as we say goodbye to 2019!

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Bidding farewell to 2019, brands have decided to get smart and creative with their campaigns. Lets put in a way that 2020 is already more creative in a way. While some went for hardcore creativity and others have put on their thinking hat to go for their brand ideology. Looking back, we have collected 7 advertisements of popular brands showing us how creativity can do magic.

  1. What should you do while eating a 5- star! Cadbury goes magical but this time their humour would just hit you hard. The tagline goes like,’’ kabhi kuch na karke bhi dekho, eat 5 stars and do nothing!’’

2. The Swiggy ad would break the stereotype and would make you really think about it.

3. The Dabur Hajmola would definitely remind you of that one annoying person at office!

4. Distance never separates two souls that really cares. This Ad of Parle would make you shed tears of joy.

5. What happens when you cancel your New year plan with your parents. See the full ad and enjoy! Dabur Hajmola has done it again.

6. We bet you have never seen something so witty ad as a home appliance. Bro, just go for it.

7. This innovative campaign of Amazon would make you cherish all good things. The stories of the sellers and this creative initiative have a feel-good thing.

2019 has been a rollercoaster for all of us. We have cried and laughed but kudos to these brands who have worked hard and made a stand in this digital world. Let us just take a small moment and appreciate them. Also, let us know which one is your favourite among the seven. Share your comment below

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