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Go Digital in the time of Coronavirus!

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Mother earth is already shaking violently, trying to knock us, her pesky fleas out of her now a mangy coat. Fear is the new reality which sometimes comes with coughs and fever making people desperate to breathe some fresh air.

The dystopian future of horror movies is here, and I am not talking about any political issues here but I am talking about the new virus which has now affected more than 200,000 in at 144 countries. The death passed 8200 globally and has now staved off economic catastrophe. It has left humans drooling and getting more aggressive than ever.  A purulent virus that has affected a large number of peeps, after sharing thundering WhatsApp forwards immediately bite your head off if you so much as say,’’ All this seems thoda propaganda type na?’’

Even if we don’t all turn into bloodthirsty creatures, our planet seems to be up. The only hope for the humans is to either achieve some impossible feat to get responsible wash our hands and take the necessary precautions or move some members of our overcrowded earth to colonies or to moons and mars, the latter having inspired by much science fiction and mission.

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There are a variety of ways the Corona effect is being felt throughout the digital ecosystem. Among them are the following:

  1. A large number of employees working remotely.
  2. Conferences and meetings are being cancelled with a sudden increase in online events.
  3. A decrease in the sale of e-commerce and online sales.
  4. Increase in search volume for health topics.
  5. A possibility of a recession.

The ever-growing roster of industry events being cancelled has also resulted in a loss of face to face time and networking opportunities. The loss of conferences is disrupting the sales pipeline.  Virtual conferences have historically been a poor substitute for live events and in-person networking. But this may change in the wake of Coronavirus, as companies experiment with content and formats.

Decline in travel and revenue according to research google could see a 15% drop in a year from low spending in travel sector where customers hold off from booking holidays. This drop can be 20% of the end. Google and Facebook are said to take an additional hit from other industries who have been affected by the changes in consumer behaviour since the Coronavirus has spread globally. The ad spend has decreased in entertainment sectors like PVRs, retail and entertainment markets. The fear and uncertainty give us a bleaker picture for the revenues of Facebook and Google over the coming quarters. A footfall in physical retail stores decrease due to social distancing but there is an interesting thing seen for eCommerce industry where 50% of the population are shopping online mere frequently to purchase products they would usually buy in-store. People are seeing options to buy groceries online.

The impact of Coronavirus on digital marketing is challenging. A lot of people would think that the search engine will remain unaffected. There will be some issues where b2b demand declines and fewer searchers are there for products and services. This would deeply impact SEO, paid search and online advertising. If the sales rate goes down marketers may redirect budgets or defer spending. Throughout the first end of the year, companies like travel, events and hospitals are likely to see low spending costs. It has been seen that digital marketing can be critical and it would hard for the digital marketing companies to make a mark in the market.

In some categories we have seen the growth of keywords such as ‘’ hand sanitizer’’ and ‘’ face masks ‘’which are increasing the growth of query rate in response to the spread of the virus.

While the virus is something which we all are concerned about but the problem arises with the fear and uncertainty it is causing.  There are opportunities that need to be seized and it’s high time we fight for each other rather than creating panic among others.  If you are looking for the best digital marketing company in Delhi, we can offer you services and seeks your interests. These surveys that marketers will face delay their spending decisions while there will be a delay in products and services launch from business clients. These statistics also reveal that there will be a significant lack of growth in decision-making changes, marketing activities amidst this ongoing uncertainty.

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