Go Bananas With The Brilliant Ads of Durex!

Go Bananas With The 10 Brilliant Durex Ads!

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On a Thursday morning, I am sitting in front of my laptop with all crazy ideas in my head. ‘’ Go bannas’’ that’s exactly what my boss has asked me to do. Being the only woman in the office, is a bane at times. Every time the men of the office tries to crack a sexist joke I see them sharing secret glances at each other. So, when I was given this topic I was the happiest person on earth. You wonder why? Because we live in a society where sex is considered as a taboo. The strange thing about our society is that we are allowed to pee in public but we cannot discuss sex in public!

We all have heard about Durex, a condom brand that provides us with some amazing ads. It has been there for decades now. This brand talks about sex in the most successful way without objectifying women. (You see why I am happy now!) What we love about Durex, is the way it reinvents itself keeping the humour in the right place. Here are some of the witty, smart and funny campaigns of Durex that would surely make your jaws hurt! The best thing about Durex is that it simply talks about the importance of sex with some witty remarks and euphemisms. Writing for taboo subject is something that interests me the most.

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1. The amazing way to show how crazy a campaign can go without hurting the emotions of anyone. For peeps who keep coming. For them we surely need an umbrella to protect! Here

If The Rain Doesn't Go Away, Come Again

2. Dear Jon, we incest you use protection. Not all brands would go crazy with their brands, but remember we are talking about Durex! The creativity and intelligence that runs deep through its campaign is on par with brilliance too.

Don't Hold The Door, Lock The Door

3. For we know size matters and you now it’s time that you may showcase your grand size!

Durex size matters

4. They have a solution for peeps with long shooters! Do I need to say more?

Solution for Peeps With Long Shooters!

5. For fireworks after 10 pm in your bedroom! Make sure the doors are closed! What more can be said!

Fireworks After 10 pm in Your Bedroom!

6. The twist in the tale! The twist in the destiny as well.

Happy Father's Day

7. Condom seems like a better investments. Isn't it?

Condom seems like a better investments.

8. Wear your helmet well and ride safe! Because one mistake can seriously cost you big!

Wear your helmet well and ride safe!

9. Yes! we are thinking of the same thing, bro! Do I need to say more?

Want To See The Tower

10. Tip : You can stay in longer for the longest day! Remember 21st June?! I am sure you do.

Durex so many positions
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