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Tired of spending money on paid ads and not getting better results? Desperate to get quality leads but seeing no progress?

It’s high time you adopted powerful SEO services and leave all your worries to the digital marketing wizards. With Socio Labs, get ready to see your website on top of Google SERPs. 

Once you’ve set up your medical practice, you start looking for different ways to grab some attention from your potential patients or health seekers online. Yes, you can certainly spend on paid ads or PPC, or simply rely on positive word-of-mouth referrals. But will this be enough for creating brand awareness and having a competitive edge when in this digital world, people tend to forget about things as quickly as they find them? Research in the healthcare industry advocates strong SEO strategies to boost online presence, drive heavy website traffic, and most importantly, gain customers’ trust based on rankings on SERPs.

This leads us back to our original question: if there are so many great SEO companies out there why not hire one right away? The answer is simple, as a promising healthcare SEO agency, we believe in making sure all our clients get the best possible product at an affordable price by providing them with personal engagement through every step of their project. 

What SEO lends to the healthcare industry

If you have a website, you can use organic marketing to get more traffic and customers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on paid ads for organic marketing campaigns because there are other strategies that are more effective in getting good results with cost-effective methods. Healthcare SEO is a great way to get higher website rankings without spending money on paid ads. It can be tricky, but Socio Labs, the best healthcare SEO agency, comes with the right strategy and patience, using which your website will soon be well-positioned at the top of Google search results. Along with brand awareness and high-quality leads, carefully strategised SEO helps a great deal in giving you long-term affordability. Apart from the initial costs, there are no mid-way expenses for a long time and you keep getting new patients as you update and optimize your content.

Get your practice on top of Google SERPs 


Challenges in healthcare SEO

We cannot control the changes that Google makes in its search algorithm, which, by the way, happens multiple times a year. Following this, marketers see a lot of hindrances in increasing web traffic for any organisation. Such is the case when a marketing firm designs strategies for SEO in healthcare. Here we are going to discuss a few salient ones Socio Labs deals with. 

Understanding healthcare priorities

To be successful in healthcare SEO, you must understand the audience, market, competition and business goals. Understanding the audience means knowing who your target market is and how they search for health-related information online. Knowing the market means understanding how much of a share of voice you will have compared to other brands competing in this space. Having a hold of your competition involves performing competitive analysis so that you know what types of content are working best for them, what their backlinks look like and which keywords they are ranking for. The last piece of this puzzle involves realising and determining your business goals, what is worth investing time in pursuing?

Developing an SEO strategy

Now that you have a better acumen of what SEO in healthcare means, let us move on to the next step. Because Socio Labs is a top healthcare SEO firm, we believe in attention to minute details.

Our first step is to research your audience and make sure that you do understand their pain points. What do they want or need? How can you or your website help them? When it comes down to it, it is all about satisfying the needs of your audience by optimising every aspect of your site for search engines. And trust us, we do that the best! We pay attention to keyword research because this will help guide the rest of our strategy. Keyword research is basically looking at how people search for things online with certain words or phrases—and then finding out if those terms are relevant to what you and your services are offering through keywords in content marketing and technical SEO strategies.

Dealing with multiple audiences

As with any industry, healthcare is made up of numerous audiences. For example, patients, doctors and medical professionals are all parts of the healthcare industry that have different needs and varying levels of knowledge of your service. It becomes our job as a marketer to find the right balance between these different audiences so we can keep them engaged and coming back for more. We are always aware of certain keywords or phrases that would be helpful for your potential patients in finding exactly what they need, and making sure that information is easily available online so people can find it quickly and easily!

Adapting to new market conditions

  • We recognise the market. What is your frequenter’s sore point? What are they looking for? How can your website help them with that issue?
  • We know the audience. Who are they, and where do they go in search of a solution to their problem?
  • We understand the competition. Who are your competitors, what do they offer, and how can we help you beat them at their own game?

Don’t let your competitors outrank you


An overview of healthcare SEO fundamentals

Healthcare SEO is a way to increase your website’s rankings without spending money on paid ads. With healthcare SEO, you can build links to your website and increase your search engine ranking for key terms related to health and medical care. As an SEO agency, healthcare has always been our stronghold.

Organic Marketing

In the broadest sense, organic marketing is any activity that is not paid. In healthcare, this could include blog posts, social media content and email marketing campaigns. Socio Labs implements organic marketing to promote your brand and services or to build trust among potential patients by sharing helpful information about your industry.

Local SEO

Socio Labs ensures that all of the information is accurate so that potential customers can easily get in touch with you when they visit your page. Also, we make sure that there are no errors or broken links because this will negatively impact how well people perceive your brand online as trustworthy and professional which could lead them into purchasing from another company instead of yours. 

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the backbone of your website’s search engine optimization strategy. It includes things like title tags and meta descriptions, canonicalization, robots.txt files, mobile-friendliness, duplicate content and more.

On-Site Optimization

In simple terms, we make your website better for search engines. If you want to increase visibility and improve conversions, on-site optimization is a great place to start. We employ a wide variety of techniques that can help you improve the overall user experience on your site. Some examples include:

  • Defining target keywords for each page and optimizing them accordingly
  • Creating effective titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags for images
  • Building internal links between relevant pages 

Off-Site Optimization

Off-site optimization is all about creating a positive online presence through content marketing. A knowledgeable healthcare SEO agency, our specialist team makes strategies to build links to your site or blog, and increase social media engagement and exposure. The following are some common off-site optimization strategies

  • Link building
  • Social media
  • Guest blogging
  • Infographics/Podcasts/Video pieces (or any other type of content)

Better Blogs and Articles

Writing articles that are not just relevant to the industry but have something to deliver to the readers, is a great way to engage with your audience. If you want people to come back to your site and read more, blogging is a great way to do that. Blogs also help you build trust and authority with your audience by giving them something valuable that they can refer back to time after time. People will trust you more when they know you will be there for them long term, rather than just trying to sell them something one time.

Get a better online presence and attract more patients

Before we close

Healthcare SEO is a challenging and rewarding field. It can be difficult when it comes to marketing your website, but if you team up with a brilliant healthcare SEO firm like Socio Labs, you will find a difference and understand what we do and why it works. This way there is no reason why anyone should not be able to succeed in this field.

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