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How to Create Backlinks?

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We should understand that before diving into an ocean, one should know the basics of the sea and swimming. It is a smart thing to do. Isn’t it? Create backlink is no less than diving into the sea of digital marketing, so it is essential to know the basics right. First things first, what are backlinks?

A backlink is a link that points to your website from an external website. Backlinks are the inbound links that can establish a connection with external websites. The technology is modifying at a high rate, keeping marketers on their toes to put up with the pace to evolve with better and efficient SEO techniques.

Backlinks are the hypertexts that appear on a page as a descriptive text called anchor text. They would guide you to a whole new page if the information searched for can be laid in a more detailed fashion. Backlinks here play a vital role as they shift the focus of the user to a new page to provide him with additional information on a topic.

Backlinks have always been the safest bet to guide more traffic to the website. Creating backlinks in the web directories or on another website is one of the farthest-reaching SEO techniques, and many prestigious digital marketing companies swear by it. Backlinks play a significant role when the performance of the site is assessed.

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Why are backlinks relevant?

SEO is incomplete without strong backlinking. The benefits of link building are two folds; they help the search engine ascertain how relevant your website is for the search results that have popped up on any given topic. Building links also provide you with credibility in the eyes of search engines that few external websites recommend your content in a search result.

If the process of link construction performed correctly, it also gives you a better ranking on a search results page. Quantity of backlinks is also a way of determining a website’s popularity and authority on a search topic. But with recent upgrades the picture has changed, the focus has shifted from quantity to quality. The new updates in the algorithms of the search engine have made them smart enough to assess the quality of backlinks. Backlinking is not the only factor that decides your ranking; there are 200 different ranking factors considered by Google search engine.

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We are digging a little deeper here to understand the process. Backlinks are primarily of two types:

No-Follow Link: including a no-follow link signals the search engine that these links do not pass out any sensitive information to the user; thus, it can dismiss. These no-follow links can add to pages with some sensitive information about a company that they don’t desire to be visible to everyone on the net. E.g., details of their employees, the page can be marked as no-follow, and the search engine will not assess the link.

<a href =”rel = “nollow” >

Do-Follow link: this is our usual URL that appears on the page, we can liaison it with other sites, but with care and not exaggerating the quantity when all we need is quality.

<a href =”>

As we discussed the natural ways to create backlinks, we understand that backlinks should be organic, and we should shy away from cruel practices like paying for linking your website to some other website and vice versa.

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How to Create Backlinks? And how can the best digital marketing company help you accomplish the task?

After understanding the hooks and nooks of Backlinks, we can move forward with its creation. As we already discussed, the quality of links is more important than the sheer quantity; we should consider these methods, and the good news is that you don’t have to create new content for it.

1. Find articles that focus on your genre of work: The “How to” articles generally include the resources that can give out any extra and needed information. We can reach out to the author of such reports and suggest to them why including you can be useful to them as well. And if they find the information worthy, they might add the link of your website to their existing top-rated page.

Voila, there you go! You just created a backlink.

2. Testimonials: No one in the world can work alone; they need support from many different sectors to provide tools and services. These helping hands can be your next holy grail.

Every website runs the blog pages where they might want you to give testimonials for services that you availed and are in high praise for the same.

Tadaaaa! There you have another backlink generated.

3. Help out an influencer: Influencers have a strong line of subscribers. Pin down the influencers who talk on your work major. Seek help from them and suggest a written article from your website that can support what they are talking about. They can add your link to their page for their subscriber to get a better understanding of a topic.

And before you know it, you have another successful yet organic backlink to your name.

4. Mend a broken link: Spend time on your research. Try to find out the websites that deal in your sector, and there can be chances that the page had some links but are outdated or broken for any reason. Here you can point out the broken link and suggest the website owners add your relationship instead. This technique is time-consuming, but the results are beneficial for both websites.

Did we create another backlink here? I think we just did!

There are tools to help find the broken links and make the task easier for you. You can run a website through a broken-link-checker to see if they have a broken link anywhere on their site.

  • To conclude, a few pointers to remember are:
  • Include links of your website on your social media pages
  • Build the broken links
  • Consider Guest blogging, they give you the needed visibility as they link your website to their existing page.
  • Talking to influencers who work in a similar field as you can tag your website on their respective platforms is also a way to get attention and traffic to your website.
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