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Seeing Ads for any and every brand that exists has become a very common thing for us. From startups to multinational giants, everyone is trying to pop up on as many screens as possible. This is because people spend most of their time on their screens. There is a sea of online avenues where you can promote your brand through Ads. Let’s talk about Youtube for instance.

Around 5 million people use Youtube every day. Targeting Youtube will get you the attention that your brand requires. This is because Youtube pushes the ads that you provide to it and keeps reminding the consumer of your product/services. In this article we will be talking about:

  • Types of Youtube Ads.
  • Benefits of Youtube display Ads.
  • What are the steps to generate a Youtube display Ad?

So let’s get started!

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Types of Youtube ads

How to make a Youtube display Ad.:

  • Display ads: Display Ads are simple boxes of your brand banner that are displayed on the top right corner of Youtube. To be precise, they are placed above your suggestion column. We will talk about these Ads. in the article.
  • Bumper in-stream ads: These Ads are non-skippable Ads. and are supposed to last for 6 seconds or less than that.
  • TrueView ads: True view Ads give the viewer options to take actions on the Ad. For example, skipping the Ad., going to their site or website. These Ads. are in the ‘click to play’ format.
  • Overlay ads: These Ads are pretty simple to notice, you see them at the bottom of your video (horizontal strip)They are just banners of your product that give the necessary or desired information about it. It can also be a banner that just simply your brand name and title.
  • Sponsored card ads: These Ads pop up as a small ‘i’ icon on your screen. They suggest videos that might be related to your search and also allow you to visit those by clicking on them.
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads: Like the name suggests, these Ads. play until the message is completely delivered. There is no luxury of skipping these Ads.

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Now that we know what are the different types of Ads and what they mean, let us dive further.

display ads

How to make a Youtube display Ad.:

  • Eye-catchy: Display Ads are like banners. They are a square of information and visuals. These Ads take the quick attention of your audience and hence are pretty effective in feeding the name, personality, and purpose of your brand in people’s minds.
  • Better targeting: Display Ads lets you target your audience in a better way. You can study your demographics and make an Ad. accordingly, this helps your brand to be relevant and increases the chances of people clicking on them to see what else you have to offer.
  • Better visibility: Unlike other Ads that only pop up before or after a video, display Ads stay on the screen for a longer time. The more an Ad is in front of someone’s eyes, the more the person feels like knowing more about it.
  • Allows retargeting: Display ads keep popping up on your browser from time to time. You might have noticed that once you check out some site, you see their product Ads everywhere for a couple of days (or even more!). This is called retargeting. Display Ads do a great job of targeting someone again once you know that they are interested in your product.

Once you know what type of Ad suits you best, the next step is to start the process of creating an Ad. This involves various steps and pointers to keep in mind. You have to Log in to Google Ads first. This will allow you to choose what type of Ad you want and where you want to promote it. Once that is done, you can move on to complete the further steps:

How to make a Youtube display Ad.:

  1. Target your Ad: Along with your audience, it is important for you to also target your Ads. Targeting your Youtube Ads involves deciding where you want your ads to pop up. You can decide this based on a Youtube channel or the search keywords that are being used. You are allowed to select the channels along with which you want your Ad to appear. This is called “placement targeting” of your Ad.
  2. Choose the type of Ad you want: Google Ad offers you different types of Ads, these include responsive ads, image Ads, Ad gallery etc. Select display Ads from the option to get to the further feature that allows you to make your display Ad more precise.
  3. Format the dimensions: Display Ads can either be seen above the video suggestions or on the video in the form of horizontal banners. It is important to know which one you want and then design your Ad/banner according to the dimensions and decide what information you want to show on it.
  4. Expand your reach: You can choose your Ad to reflect not only on browsers but also on apps. When you specify that you would want to display your Ads on an app as well, your Ad will pop up when someone is installing that app or even uses it.
  5. Wait for the approval: Once you give your Ad sample, you have to wait for the approval. This is based on factors like the words that you’ve used and how your Ad looks. If the message that you want to convey through your Ad is unclear or the words that you’ve used show a hint of any fraud/gambling in your Ad, there might be a high chance of your Ad being disapproved.

Display Ads can help you boost your reach and give your brand a memorable image. Hiring a company to help you do these things gives you a professional outlook towards Ad management. For efficiency in this process, hire the best Google ads management company in Delhi. With Sociolabs, you get a personalized experience and detailed insights into how you should digitally market yourself.

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