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Brushing up the basics

Instead of beating around the bush, let’s glance at why you need a well-planned mobile app marketing approach. To be statistically correct, as much as over 80% of the world’s population possess smartphones and tend to spend a good 5 to 6 hours a day on them. So, no matter your business, it must be able to transit from desktop to mobile.

Did you know that many large corporations already have a mobile application? What is keeping you from doing it? The competition is too high and you must stand out among hundreds or rather thousands of apps to succeed. This is not going to happen in the blink of an eye, but with an excellent app marketing company like Socio Labs, it is certainly possible.

Don’t just build it, sell it!

How is the mobile app marketing strategy carried out?

Your end goal is to increase the number of downloads for your app and grow the number of your loyal users who play a big part in further positive word of mouth.

To conquer the challenges along the way and to accomplish the goals, we approach with a three-stage process which is 

  1. Awareness – 

We carry out detailed market research to understand the problems faced by people and of which how many have not been addressed and solved. To be successful, you must focus on who your ideal customer is and what are their prominent pain points. It is a no-brainer that your app should inevitably be attractive as well as designed to be user-friendly, and for which an app marketing agency is the best place for you to go. Socio Labs conducts a thorough competitive analysis to have a grasp of what your competitors are lacking in their apps and how that can be avoided in your applications. Giving a fresh and satisfying user experience to the downloaders.


  1. Acquisition – 

This stage is primarily focused on increasing the number of installations by implementing various marketing strategies. Skyrocketed downloads are crucial for your app in order to rank higher in app stores. Utilising social media to run paid ads for app promotion is often a foolproof strategy to first target and then grab the attention of your potential customer base. Another very effective strategy that we use to amplify app performance marketing is ASO or app store optimisation which relies a big time on factors like appropriate keywords, choosing app store category etc. Basically, it is the SEO for mobile apps and has to be practised regularly to enhance visibility and boost conversion rates.


  1. Retention – 

We don’t mean to sound harsh at all but the mere acquisition is not enough. As a comprehensive provider of mobile app marketing services, Socio Labs aids in retaining your old and new users and turning them into loyal long-lasting customers. By engaging them with better communication, gratifying user experience, and providing them with instantaneous answers to their queries in the form of AI and chatbots, we assist you in having a great retention rate. 

Don’t leave your app’s success to chance

What is the USP of Socio Labs as an app marketing company?

Knowing what works for you is undoubtedly essential, but getting an insider’s view on how things will work and plans will roll out is equally important. So here is a vantage point of view for you to understand why Socio Labs is the most accurate choice for you as a mobile app marketing agency

1. Appropriate use of automated campaigns

Speculating that you have been in the market for a reasonable period now and have tried all kinds of processes known to you. Then you must have tried your hands at automated campaigns and seen nothing but major disappointments in them. We are going to change your entire perspective around it. 

Don’t worry, we have practical arguments to support our claims. Let us have look at them.

Faster processing and collecting analytics

If done rightly, automated campaigns can result in emulating repetitive human actions and making transactions quicker which results in better customer experience by cutting the extra time taken before. We make complete use of software that can prove to be a boon to collect analytics. It detects user behaviour and pattern and trends and delivers the observed insights to business users with no manual user intervention required. Trust us, you’ll not regret taking our app marketing services because we scan through challenges and get you the best results possible.

Guaranteed accuracy

One of the things that Socio Labs pursues is perfection, and the use of automation tools helps us remove a large portion of human errors from mobile applications. This in turn boosts the productivity of the app. The extent of productivity also depends on the type of automation tools deployed in the form of chatbots that adapts the content according to the current user. We assist you with attended or unattended bots to choose from and let your users experience dynamic personalization.

Customer satisfaction

What we can infer by far is that you are quite satisfied with the accurate use of automated campaigns as it is more prone to be error-free. Imagine giving the same experience to your customers because of faultless processes and journeys.

With this, you can have full control over all the data of customer interactions. You now know exactly which workflow works and which does not. As a result, your future campaigns are more relevant and timely. 

2. Dedicated App Marketing Specialist

Our app marketing specialists are available 24/7 to help you with your app marketing strategy, campaigns, and reporting. Our specialists know that each client is unique, so they will customise their approach based on your needs. In addition to being available for quick questions in the middle of the night or any other time, we can also do full-length phone calls or emails if you have more detailed questions about how we can help.

3. Targeted Campaigns

Targeted campaigns are a great way to target a specific audience. This is because they allow you to modify every aspect of your campaign, including the creative, targeting and optimisation settings. Targeting allows you to put your ads in front of users who have similar interests or demographics as your target audience. Targeting is more cost-effective than non-targeted campaigns because it gives you more control over where and how often your ads run.

4. Cross-Promotion of Apps

Cross-promotion is a useful tool that allows you to share your apps with other users. This can be achieved through an app market or via social media. 

Cross-promotion is when one app recommends another app based on the user’s interests and preferences. If, for example, you have an app that provides people with nutritional information about various foods and ingredients and another that provides recipes for cooking with those same ingredients, then it would make sense for these two apps to cross-promote each other’s products in order to increase downloads and improve customer satisfaction.

  1. Clear Reporting

The data collected from your app is vital to its success. Clear reporting helps you understand the performance of your app and use the data to make future decisions. This includes knowing which social networks are working best for you, what types of content are performing well for your audience, or even if your audience is growing or shrinking over time. Our Clear Reporting feature for mobile app marketing services gives you this information without any sort of hedging, in one place so that it’s easy to see how your campaigns are doing at a glance.

App marketing is crucial for successful app development

It is important to find the right mobile app marketing agency because it will help you reach your goals. Socio Labs is one such agency that offers tailor-made solutions for every business looking to grow its user base through mobile app promotion, from planning and design of ad campaigns to implementation and optimisation of performance metrics.

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