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Are you looking for a Shopify SEO agency in Delhi that can get you more online traffic and have augmented sales? Socio Labs is precisely what you require.

Building an attractive site would have been enough for your business to grow by leaps and bounds before the world had its digital transformation. But now, to get a website thronged with visitors and potential customers, along with the right e-commerce platform a Shopify SEO guide is something you cannot overlook. We, at Socio Labs, religiously work towards enhancing your Shopify stores using our proven expertise in the field.

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Steps we use in Shopify SEO to increase your conversions and sales:

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Optimize the site structure

When shoppers track down what they are searching for easily and quickly, it makes them spend more time on your site and end up buying the products they need. This is exactly what you want right? Our Shopify SEO experts design a site structure that is relatively simpler and makes navigation for buyers less complex. We prefer not going overboard with too many categories and subcategories, instead, creating just as much as should be enough. What we focus more on is optimising an ‘about’ and ‘contact us’ page that makes the browsing experience reliable for a shopper.

An improved user experience for your site

It all starts with a speedy website. Let’s accept that we all have grown really impatient and cannot spend more than a few seconds on a site unless it loads in a minuscule of time. Therefore, as the top Shopify SEO agency in Delhi, Socio Labs works meticulously on improving user experience on your Shopify site by using faster loading, mobile-friendly themes; using smaller and optimised images; avoiding the use of any sliders and lastly, removing all the applications that are redundant for you.

Using a responsive design

This includes making your site ready for all devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and works equally well on all of these. Did you know that Google acknowledges the time one spends on-page, as a mark of a valued site? Yes, you read that right and it is very significant for you to get better visibility and higher rankings on SERPs. This will undoubtedly result in repeat customers and increased conversions. Isn’t it what you have been seeking all this long? Keeping in mind the escalated use of mobile phones more than any other device, Socio Labs has an adept team that makes your Shopify site easier to navigate than ever before.

Focused research for the right keywords

Wondering where and how are we going to find the target keywords for you? For that, we have a well-thought-out plan following which we figure out the buyer’s persona and what and where are they most likely to be seen and spending time. We search for relevant social media hashtags and current forums related to your product to find out the actual demand of the hour. Not just this, we spend a good lot of time researching keywords, titles, and meta descriptions on your competitor’s sites.

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Building backlinks to your store

It is an off-page optimisation strategy brought in to use for building the credibility of your site. Basically, it is a positive word of mouth for search engine optimisation (SEO) and is used to ascertain how your site is valued in the eyes of the wider community. There is a whole different guide that we follow while creating backlinks of various kinds for your Shopify websites such as broken links, mentions, influencer voices and much more. In short, once you have joined hands with Socio Labs, the best Shopify SEO agency in Delhi, all you need to do is hang loose and leave all the tough tasks to us.

Content marketing is the way to rank high

Now, this is the part that may demand a big chunk of your attention because the content is the way to invite customers or potential customers to your site and assure them that your site is not just about selling, rather it cares about them.

Did you say, how to do it? By now this stress should already have left you as we, the most reliable Shopify SEO company, are by your side. Our in-depth research is the method how we figure out what your visitors are demanding answers to, and what is the one thing that all your customers ask you about. We create highly optimised and meaningful content for your site that is sure to drive more and more web traffic to your Shopify site.

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