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Happy Women’s day: Why the Great Sexist remarks should be outlawed!

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Misogyny is an amorphous creature. It flies out from the mouths of poker- faced and jeering men, flutters across the room, not quiet settling down at first till it finally sinks in and nips your skin. But if you cry or speak your mind to them then you are either being a hysterical or a hormonal woman that hadn’t they already foreseen?

Women’s day has come and I can see flags unfurled in our honor and before it’s too late and put back in the boxes! I would not waste a single moment and quickly write down this piece. The women who talk the talk and to the women who walk the walk and have put a bid for all bigger opportunities like equal opportunities in the society, pay raise, employment, and education. We have seen it all. The unshakeable inequality has seeped even into the most educated minds which bred in colleges, schools, homes and even in offices so much that even the best -meaning person will come across as the most sexist person on earth.

‘’ She is cranky again’’. Maybe she is in her periods. ‘’ One of the most ridiculous sexist remarks that I have heard from my male friends and here’s how I wanted to react.

 I wish I had a tiny tranquilizer dart that discreetly flies across the conference table and sticks them in the neck causing an allergic reaction with itchy hives at which point I can sweetly say,’’ You know that looks like some disorder, are you sure you are not allergic to your own bullshit?’’.  Bursting my little bubble, let me just show you some of the sexist remarks that we go through every day and the contradiction of celebrating women’s day.

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Happy women’s day right?


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As I sat alone to write this piece, we first need to cure our guilt. We are so busy being a mother, wife and a daughter that the time we spend on ourselves, on our work is laced with self – reproach. 

So, I believe it’s high time that a pill is invented in the laboratory to smash the shit and get rid of all the nagging voices. Women are capable of juggling multiple balls in the air and it’s time to just drop the one pint of guilt. So countrymen, it’s good time to have josh but better to have a pinch of hosh, and best to know when to be Khamosh. 

Sociolabs wishes you a Happy Women’s day, Anyway. 

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